Hazardous Waste

Hazardous WasteHazardous waste is usually something infectious that poses a hazard to human health. We try to eliminate it in various ways.

It’s time for true Christians to begin to classify false doctrine under a similar label.

And—do everything possible to rid themselves and their congregations of it’s contagion. Waste of the nature that usually goes under that title is bad; but false doctrine is worse. It can damn people to hell and ruin the lives of genuine believers. We make every effort to rid our hospitals, our cities, our homes of such waste. How much effort do we make to eliminate doctrinal waste?

People consider a civil duty to rid the country of hazardous waste; too many Christians have a very different idea about doctrinal waste—they think it ignoble to clear out such doctrinal trash—even though it is far more harmful.

It’s time for a drive in churches to eliminate every book, pamphlet, video, internet, DVD, or other hazardous doctrinal product from their homes, their churches and their bookstores.

Do you agree?

Well, then, where will you begin?Waste

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