Well, the weather is moderating. At the end of February, the jonquils should start poking their heads above ground. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. But as soon as it grows hot this summer, there will be many looking for cooler temperatures.

Is that good or bad?

Well, it depends.

If we’re complaining about what God sends us rather than making the best of it, that’s bad. If, on the other hand we are looking forward to the latest, new display of God in nature, that’s good.

It’s sorta’ like changes that God brings into our lives at various times in other ways. Sometimes we are richer; sometimes poorer; sometimes healthier, sometimes not so healthy. Everything in life changes, as Ecclesiastes tells us—nothing remains the same. We should, therefore, learn to accept the fact that such changes in life are not new under the sun. In a world of sin, the vicissitudes of life are always with us. Because this is a world of ups and downs, then, we are more able to look forward to a time where there will be a permanence of peace, health, happiness, and all of the other things that vary so greatly here. Contrast is always helpful to enable us to understand what is happening. And throughout the Scriptures there is a constant contrast between the temporal, and changing, and the eternal and lasting.

While we know only a small bit about it, probably eternity will be from truth to greater truth; happiness to greater happiness rather than the sort of differences that we experience here. At any rate, the change of the seasons, can serve to remind us of the fact that God has something better prepared for his children. There is going to be such a change for the better that we ought never cease remembering the fact. It can certainly make everything here look different by comparison and contrast.

Of course, I’m speaking to Christians—those who are on their way to heaven. Unbelievers will find change too at death—a contrast of bad to worse; miserable to horrible. Christ, alone, makes the difference.

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