Snow in the South

Well. It snowed after all! Not like it did in the Mid Atlantic States, of course. There, in the D.C. Orbit we’ve come to expect an excess of everything. No. Here it was a gentle snow—just enough for the kids to get off from school and play in. Indeed, it’s the kind of snow everybody enjoys—unless he’s an old grouch!

What happens in the South during a snow (which is so infrequent that it’s a phenomenon)? Generally speaking, you can expect schools to close, businesses to close or operate half a day, and all of the bread and milk to disappear from the shelves of the grocery stores. You can also expect to see cars skidded off the road into a ditch (remember this is but an inch or two of snow we’re talking about). Not knowing how to drive in snow, people gun the motor when skidding or put on the brakes.

It all reminds me of how many Christians handle new problems. Before thinking things through—they take action—sometimes frantic action! What should one do instead?

Pray. But that’s not the place to stop. Next, consider the facts. Then, with the use of a concordance and other helps, find out from the Scriptures what God has to say about the matter. It might not turn out to be so drastic an issue after all—once you understand the problem in the light of Scripture.

A light covering of snow is in some respects most dangerous for other drivers who do know how to drive in it. The roads are not safe because of those who don’t. Sometimes, in similar fashion, you’ll also discover that what acerbates the issue is Christians getting frantic when there’s no reason to do so.

Snow is a blessing from God. So are problems. They give us an opportunity to trust and honor Christ by the decisions we make.

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