OK. So I look at my Google sidebar pad and it says, “SAVE THE 16th.” I’m really happy that it does or I’d probably forget. It works because I look at the screen of my computer most days. If I had a calendar on the desk on which I marked the 16th, I suppose it would work as well—but I doubt it. The computer screams out at me the way that a calendar doesn’t.

Do you need to create helps for yourself so as to remember important things? How about other things than dates? What about one that says, “Have you read and memorized that Proverb today?” Or,“remember to speak to Bill about attending church when you see him later on.” Or . . . you fill in the blank

But those pads enlarge if you don’t think you have room. So you could write all three things just as easily as one.

Reminder pads—how useful. But they are more than that. They are also ways of talking to yourself. You don’t have to scream things to the world to see them. It’s possible to use an abbreviated system of your own that nosey people won’t have the time to figure out. An example? Here’s one”

“Are you ready for y. w’s b. d? Have a g?

Not very difficult to figure out. But I’ll simply leave it to you.


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