Let It Snow

I’m not gloating over the fact that I no longer live in Baltimore where they just had a once-in-a-lifetime-snow. We got rain, and up a bit North of us, a few flurries.

WOW! Snow up to your armpits (if you’re short enough).

I’ve had my fill of shoveling snow—no snow-blowers in my snow days!

What will happen to all of the runoff when the sun comes out and it melts? Bound to be some flooding, if no floods.

God sends what He sends, and we must be satisfied with it. For some reason that snow is a great blessing (ask the kids, they’ll give you some reasons). But, while we must be satisfied with what God sends, we also have some responsibility in the matter of whether or not we get snowed in. Because it’s so unlikely for anyone to have that happen in SC where I now live, I made sure when I moved to take up residence here. I had other reasons, but that was surely a large factor!

This reminds us that we are responsible for the decisions we make. Now, it isn’t possible for everyone to move to SC (thanks for that!), of course. But if you could and you didn’t, well—let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We’re talking about decisions you make that are based on options that are clearly yours to make—and which you could make either way! How often we complain, blame others, and curse the snow—when whatever it is that we are facing is due to our bad choices. Little more need be said. I’ll leave it there, except to say that before we blame other—or God, as many do—don’t forget who made the decision—you. Yes, you who just got your hat knocked off by a snowball!


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