Colds and Sins

I spoke last week on a cruise and returned with a doozie of a cold that I’m now in the process of fighting. I have read that the older you get, the less you are subject to colds. Why? Because since there are a hundred or so different types, by the time you reach my age, you’ve had most and built up antibodies to them. In other words, you only get ones you haven’t had before.

Well, so much for the science—or pseudo science, as it may be—I haven’t bothered to look up the facts behind what I read, since they are of no practical value to me except after catching a cold. It’s true, however, that I had many more colds when younger than now. In fact THIS IS THE FIRST IN YEARS.

But unlike colds, the amount of sin in your life doesn’t cease with age. I wish it were like colds in that respect. It’s true that you do build up a sort of antibody to particular sins by replacing habits of sin with habits of righteousness (an expression borrowed from J.I. Packer, to whose writings I owe much). The problem is, the older you get, the more reflective you get, and so, the more you begin to recognize within yourself sins that previously, you may have never even considered such. While you may grow in spirituality, as a part of that growth you also grow in spiritual discernment, which enables you to look down nooks and crannies that you may have missed before.

So, while age has its spiritual advantages (some day I may write about them), many of which you’ll never recognize until you approach 90 or so, you can be sure that you will have to go on overcoming sin in your life. So—the lesson? Learn how to do so early! (see Winning the War Within)

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