Freezing Drizzle

Those were the words that greeted me when I looked at the weather report today. There’s hardly a less unlikable report possible.

Those are also the words that might readily be applied to the attitude of those who resist the things of God. How must He consider such an attitude on their part?

It doesn’t take much to make us miserable; it takes God a lot—He is slow to anger. But even though this is true, eventually, His anger does fall upon those who resist him and His truth. But it will hardly be a freezing up on His part. One of the words for such anger means “extremely hot.” Another from a different angle, has a background of snorting out one’s wrath. Whatever the  background of any given Word for His fury, the colder people become toward God and His Word, the hotter His anger waxes toward them. And, someday, His patience will come to an end and that wrath will fall.

Are your attitudes toward Him frigid? Or warm?

If freezing—or even cold–then, be warned; warmth is going to come, namely, the warmth of the fires of Gehenna—the eternal state of the unsaved dead. When you think of the raging of those fires, the best thing that could happen is to find your frigid attitude thawing. Indeed, if it does not, and you don’t warm up toward the Gospel of God, you have every reason to expect to experience the heat of His rage some day.

“How can I be saved from the lake of fire?”

By trusting that Jesus Christ died in your place, taking upon Himself the wrath of God that you might be rescued from hell. He rose from the dead, proving God accepted His sacrifice for all those who would believe. What is your temperature at the moment?

What is your attitude today?

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