“This Is the Worst Trip, I’ve Ever Been On”

That was the conclusion of the Beach Boys at the end of their voyage on the Sloop John B, and my conclusion as well after a long anticipated family cruise. Halfway through our Disney cruise my son, Paul, and I both came down with the flu! Paul’s case was so bad they had to pump IV fluids into him. We both were confined to our stateroom, by order of the captain, lest we infected other passengers. I will spare you the gruesome details and simply report that it has been many years since the last time I was this sick.

Happily, we are back on dry land and Paul and I are both recovered. Tomorrow Jay leaves for his cruise during which he will celebrate his 81st birthday (January 30). If you would like to send birthday greetings we have set up a temporary mailbox for you to do so at  Jay@nouthetic.org. Please pray for Jay and Betty Jane as they travel and Jay as he teaches.


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