Conflict and Contention

Recently, in my counseling training class at Redeemer A.R.P. Church, Moore, SC, I happened to mention something, at which a student remarked that he was afraid would “cause contention.” It had to do with dealing with liberalism, I probably should mention, and not to do with contention within the true body of Christ.

I responded, “Yes! Doubtless it will.”

He seemed a bit dubious at that response. So I went on to explain that whenever you have contact with unbelief, there is likely to be contention. And I pointed out that in every New Testament book, except Philemon, you find conflict of one sort or another. You see, it’s very difficult to present the truth without stepping on someone’s toes–especially liberal toes, when they have a habit of sticking their feet out trying to trip up genuine Christians by their attacks on the Word of God.

Who was ever in greater conflict than the Lord Jesus, unless it was Paul, the apostle? No, if you are confronting error and attempting to help others to be freed from it, sooner or later, you will run into conflict. We should never go looking for contention, but we shouldn’t be amazed when it comes as the result of faithfulness to the Lord Who came “not to send peace upon the earth, but sword.”

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