Prayer Requests

Praying for people is something every Christian wants to do—especially when praying for those who are seriously ill or in a very difficult situation. But there are some problem connected with the matter.

Think: how often have you been asked by someone, “Pray for me,” or “Pray for Joe/Mary?”

“Rather often, I suspect.”

Well, what did you say?

“Certainly,” and then it slipped your mind. Later when you remembered, you thought, felt bad, and prayed—belatedly.

“How can one avoid such failure?”

Well, you could say, “I’ll try to remember,” which will not go over too well with some, I suspect.

Or you could say, “Certainly. Let’s pray right now.” Then either do so on the spot, or retreat to a more secluded place and pray. The same works well on the phone, where the request is asked for: “Sure. Let’s pray about it right now.”

Of course, you will remember to pray again for those who are in serious trouble or illness, but even if you forget now and then, you will have done so, and kept your promise.

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