Which Bible?

“What sort of Bible should I get? I want something other than the King James Version.”

That’s a good question. How do you expect to use it?

“Read it, of course!”

I meant do you want one with all sorts of study helps, or a relatively simple one?

“The last sort.”

I’d suggest either the Holman Christian Standard Bible or the New American Standard. You wouldn’t go wrong with the English Standard Version, either.

“Why do you suggest these three?”

Because each one is a very close and faithful translation of the text. There are others too, but these are those that seem most appropriate for many reasons.

Which of the three is the easiest to read?

They’re all easy to read, but perhaps the CSB has the edge. You’ll find that it’s layout is excellent. The ESV’s is not.

Thanks, I’ve been wondering.

You’re welcome.


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