Blogs and Bloggers

Blogs! What are they all about? Let me make a few suggestions. They are places where people express their concerns.

  1. The concern may be self-oriented: “Here I am! Let me tell you all about myself.” I understand that’s  that sort of thing appears more often on Facebook.
  2. The concern may be cause-oriented: “Listen to this, get on board, and help us bring it off!”
  3. The concern may be to blow off steam or otherwise voice one’s opinions.
  4. The concern may be occasion-oriented: “I’m responding to this so that you’ll know the truth.”
  5. The concern may be God-oriented: The Lord saves people; are you one he has saved? If not let may explain how you may be saved (for information see archives). If you are saved, here’s something from the Scriptures that I hope will be profitable to you. Here it is; hope it’s a blessing to you.”

Obviously, the last category is ours.

Why do people read blogs?

  1. Out of boredom. So we bloggers who care attempt to make our blogs interesting as well as informative, persuasive, etc.
  2. Out of interest: “Let’s see what he/she has to say today.”
  3. Out of concern: “I really want the answer to . . . And I think he/she might have it.”
  4. Out of a desire to know more about the Lord. “I think I’ll find something there what will help.”

We try to print material that honors God and satisfies the desire mentioned in answer #4. If our blogs usually don’t disappoint your desire to know more about the Lord, and if you think our blogs generally meet our goals, then there’s no need to write us. But, if not, we’d like to know. If we usually fail to meet your expectations, please write. It’s just possible that something you say may help us better achieve our goals.

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