Always Read Carefully

“What would you like for supper?”

That’s what the waitress asked. Well, if you’re like me, I prefer taking a minute or two to go over the menu before answering—especially if it’s a new restaurant where I’m about to dine. I don’t like being rushed by some waitress into making a quick decision. And, when I hesitate, I especially dislike her hovering over me, pencil poised to write.

It’s at that point I usually regret having to say something like, “I think I need a minute or two longer to decide,” or words to that effect.

Counselees probably don’t like being rushed into making decisions either. Indeed, they ought not. And they surely shouldn’t do so either—whether or not they like it! Decisions made in biblical counseling are not made principally to the counselor, but to God! Taking care to explain this to counselees is important so that they neither plunge ahead without adequate thought, nor hastily make decisions that they don’t think are all that binding. And, of course, when one says “Yes” or “No” to God, He takes him at his word! And expects him to follow through.

Good counselors explain the import of every decision that’s made. And make sure that counselees understand the importance of them. They obviously want counselees to make good decisions, explain why, and urge them to do so. But, at the same time, they warn about the seriousness of making light-hearted, meaningless decisions. They make every attempt to explain the nature and the consequences of their decisions.

So, make sure that every counselee has carefully “read the menu” first!

P.S.  We just bought a puppy. It’s a mix between poodle, Snazzier and Shiatsu. Cute, friendly, little all-black job. All but one problem—it wets, and wets, and wets. This is its twelfth week (six with us). Any suggestions for remedying this situation. Mostly a problem when she gets excited. Help!

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