Confidence comes! You shouldn’t expect it right away. Indeed, if you become confident in your counseling or preaching from the outset, you are probably over-confident!

There is a wisdom that comes from learning what God has to say—only long periods of careful study lie behind that. And there is also a wisdom that comes from putting the truth into practice.

Both take time. And so, confidence doesn’t come overnight.

God has a way of knocking the stuffing out of those who grow proud after a little preaching or counseling. He sends an old lady to you after the service who tells you that someday you really ought to learn how to preach. He sends you a counseling case that you haven’t the faintest idea how to handle. You’re utterly stumped!

Then, rather than go spiraling down into the depths in a whirlwind, stop. Think. Pray. Then, go see another preacher or counselor who can help you. You need to grow. Growth often comes in spurts. Spurts often come as the result of difficulty—but only difficulty that is overcome!

So, don’t be too greatly perturbed by the difficulties that come. Be perturbed—but only enough to motivate you to do something about them.


Talk to another pastor who has been through the ropes. Study some more. Work at solving all known problems. Don’t give up—instead, give it your best!

Confidence—ah, confidence. It will come if you mean business with the LORD! Do you? If not, stop preaching/stop counseling until you do!

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