Christmas Shopping

Have you done your shopping yet? Or are you still composing the list?

Either way, I have some important advice for you. Here is an item for your list that you shouldn’t miss—indeed, it should be at the top!

Buy the truth and sell it not.   (Proverbs 23:23)

Have you been looking for truth? Haven’t found it? Let me suggest that you look in the right place. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. If you don’t know Him as Savior, you don’t have a grasp on truth. Indeed, you never will until you trust in Him as the One Who shed His blood in the place of guilty sinners like you. God raised Him from the dead and seated Him on His throne. He is co-regent with the Father. He is the source of truth; as a matter of fact, its very embodiment!

Having found Him, don’t let anyone ever persuade you to sell Him out. He’s the One Who will stick closer than a brother. He is the One Who will persevere to the end—the only question is, will you? Think seriously about truth—what could be more important this Christmas than to buy it—without money and without cost (Is 55:1)!

What an important Christmas message this verse from God is. While you’re shopping around, think about this—you’d be wise to take it to heart.

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