Merry W.S. Day!


I said, “Merry W.S. Day! Are you ready for W.S. Day? Bought all your presents, hung all your finery, decorated your W.S. tree?

“Are you crazy?”

Certainly not!

“Well, then, what’s all this W.S. Day stuff?

What we would have if there had been no birth in Bethlehem of a Savior. Actually, without the name—what we do have in effect at what we call “Christmas.”

“Oh. I get it. But what’s the W.S. business all about?”

The Winter Solstice.

“Why focus on that as a substitute?”

Because it occurs December 21, and is close enough to be the replacement. Days begin to lengthen again, and we can all rejoice that the long winter is heading on its way toward spring.

“Oh I see now. That’s just about what Christmas is to many people—a jolly winter holiday on which we exchange gifts and party. “

And for some, a time for family to get together.


But, the true import of it all is missed by most. How many reflect much, if at all, about the fact that Jesus had come to put down the works of the devil, that He was here to offer Himself as the sacrificial Lamb of God to be slain for sinners, and so on?

“Not too many, I guess.”

Well, let’s be sure that we’re a part of the not too many this year. Let’s be merry for all the right reasons.

“Instead of making Christmas a W.S. Day?”

You’ve got it!

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