Merry Xmas!

“Oh cm’on! Why would you use that pagan greeting?”

What do you mean?

“Jesus isn’t an X!”

Of course He isn’t, and neither is the greeting what you seem to think it is either.

“Tell me more. I thought X stands for “unknown” or something like that. Why apply it to Jesus?”

Let me straighten you out. . .

“Go ahead.”

If you let me.

“I said, ‘Go ahead.’ And it had better be good!”

OK. Here’s the scoop. The supposed X isn’t an X at all. . .

“Sure looks like one!”

Right. . . in English.

“That’s what I speak.”

OK. OK. Do you want to learn or not?

“Go ahead.”

As I was saying, It’s not an X but a Greek letter.

“Why use it then when speaking English?”

Because it’s the first letter in the word Christ (Christos in Greek). It’s an abbreviation.

“Great! Now Jesus is an abbreviation!”

Sorry I was just trying to greet you when I said Merry Xmas. But, forget it.

“OK. But Merry Christmas to you!”

Thanks and ditto.

“Now, a ditto? I can’t believe . . . “

“See you later.

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