“To rise, stand up again!” That’s what the word means. Tired, worn out bodies, those that are crippled, bodies that cannot rise to get off of a bed, bodies that return to dust! They will rise again!

Only when they do, though numerically the same, they will not be like the old body at all. The believer’s new body will be perfect, without defect, full of life and vigor, never again to experience the ravages of sin, never to die again!

I cannot fathom what such a body will be like! It is far beyond anything in our present experience. I cannot describe it.

But there is one fact that I do know—when we get them, our bodies will be like “His glorious body.” His body had new powers, was indestructible, and even fit for heaven where it now resides on the throne of the universe!

I don’t even want to know anything more than the glimpses that we have been given! I’m looking forward to being surprised! A surprise birthday party is best of all. Isn’t it?

Will you receive a glorious body in which to serve the Lord at the resurrection—one that will suffer no more from the baleful effects of sin? It is yours for the asking—Ask Jesus Christ to save you. Confess your sin and repent of it. Believe the Gospel that Christ died for guilty sinners like you, and rose again in a newly perfect body. If you do, so will you!

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