Not Sure?

“I just dunno’”

What don’t you know?

“Is there such a thing as a ‘hopeless person?’”

Did you say “homeless” or “hopeless?”

“The latter.”


“You mean that a person could go so far in denying Christ that there is no hope for him?”

Well, do you remember Jesus’ words about the unforgiveable sin?

“Oh. Yeah, I suppose such a person is without hope.”

Can’t read it any other way; can you?

“Nope. Guess I can’t. But . . .Uh . . . by the way what is the sin that God will not forgive?”

You remember how the religious leaders of His day said that He was casting out demons by Beelzebub, the prince of demons?

“Sure. A rather foolish conclusion, as Jesus said. He’d only be decimating his own kingdom if he did.”

Right. But there’s more to it. They claimed that this demon was an “unclean” spirit.

“I remember that too. But what about it?”

Well, the unforgiveable sin is the sin against the Holy Spirit. To call Him—the One Who is the very Epitome and Source of all holiness—“unclean” is the blasphemy against the Spirit that God will not forgive.

“Oooo. Never quite thought of it that way. I guess when anyone goes that far into denial he is hopeless.”

’Fraid so. Any questions?

“Just one. Could I commit this sin?”

You are a believer, aren’t you?


Then if you are, the answer is “No.”

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