When you come down to it, so far as God is concerned, there are only two ways:

His—and all others.

And, when He commands something, He’s deadly serious about it. There’s no kidding about it. No fudging. No substituting. No negotiating. No bargaining. No persuading Him otherwise.

What He commands, He expects you to obey.

Christian, Have you been trying to get around some known commandment of God?

Tricky business, I’d say.

Not wise to attempt it; in fact, not even smart. To be entirely candid, why not go all the way and say it—it’s stupid!

Have you ever read Proverbs, carefully? If so you will agree with me.

So, are you being stupid or not? That’s the question.

If so, why continue on such a path? Wise up; God will have His way in the long run—if not sooner.

And, you know what? You’ll probably like it a lot less than the way you’re avoiding now!

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