I Can’t Imagine . . .

“I can’t imagine anyone thinking that way”

Aw . . c’mon. You know how people are.

“Sure, but for anyone to think that God had not supplied all that is necessary for His people to honor and serve Him from the beginning, but that it was necessary for Freud and his crowd to come along and supply what the Bible supposedly lacks—unimaginable!”

Very imaginable. Though seriously questioned on every hand, and certainly no longer the prevailing Bible-believing view, this sad notion hangs on.

“Well, it’s time someone did something about it.”

What do you think we’ve been trying to do for the last 40 years?

“Well, yes. But you’ve made so little impact.”

More than you may realize. Nouthetic counseling is now a world-wide phenomenon. INS itself has begun to see to that. Moreover, the books of mine that have been translated into other languages number in the teens. Our men are traveling globally spreading the news. Truth is on the move.

You might even be interested to know that one of my books was translated into English.


It’s true. British English—if you will. In it they revised my words so that I was saying such things as , “My dear fellow . . .”

“I can just hear you talking that way!’

Yep. Was fun to read. Don’t know whether or not it is still in print.

“Well, more certainly does need to be done. But I’m glad that you’re doing your part to stands for the sufficiency of the Scriptures.”

Thank you, my dear fellow. Cheerrio!


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