Time of the Year

It’s a great time of the year!

“Fall? You’re Talking about the colored leaves on the trees, football, crisp air—or what?”

Naw . . . none of those things.

“Well, what, then?”

I was thinking out loud. Sorry to disturb you.

“You didn’t. But tell me; what was it you were thinking about when you made that outburst?”

Fall is the time for preachers to begin a new series of messages. Summer slump—with people going and coming on vacations is over—and now he can begin to give a connected exposition of one of the books of the Bible.

“Oh. Interesting. If you were to preach on one book this year—given the problems in society—which would you choose?”

Well, my choice would take in other considerations as well such as the spiritual state of the congregation, local issues, what books I had preached on recently, and so on. Can’ t say that in my congregation I’d do the same as in yours.

“I can understand that. But if you were to preach from one book, and you concluded that the main consideration was societal problems, do you have any idea which book you’d consider expositing?”

There are several possibilities. But I think that, perhaps, I might choose I Peter.

“Hmmmm. . . . That’s interesting. Why I Peter?”

Because the book deals with people suffering unjustly because of their faith. It teaches them how to handle such a situation.

“How does that fit us here in the States?”

I’m no prophet, so I can’t be sure. But I have a hunch, from what I see and hear, that the church is going to encounter some hard times ahead—perhaps even growing into full-blown persecution at length. I think our people need to know what to do if this prediction turns out to be true.

“I guess I haven’t heard much preaching about such a matter. Perhaps you’re right. Deal with this as a potential problem to face before we actually have to do so.”

Yes. That’s one reason why I published an exposition of I Peter.

“What is that book called?”

I named it Trust and Obey.

“How come those two things?”

Because they seem best to sum up what Peter is saying in the book.



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