They Aren’t Logical

“Who are you talking about?”

Those who claim that God is, what we used to call (before the days of political correctness), an “Indian Giver.”

“What does that mean?”

It means taking back again something you once gave to another. Because Indians were supposed to go back on their word: they’d give you something and then want it back, the expression was coined.

“Did they do that a lot?”

Have no idea. All I know is that’s what the expression means.

“How do some claim that about God?”

Well they think that after giving us life, God may take it away from us.


There’s a syllogism of Security (as I like to think of it) that goes something like this:

Since “God’s gifts and calling are not recalled” (Romans 11: 29),

the “gift of God is eternal life,”

and the calling of God is “to be saints,”

then, we can be sure that we can never lose our calling or eternal life.

“Not exactly in strict syllogistic form, but I get the idea.”

Yep. But it’s a very important truth of Scripture. Let me ask you a question: “If the gift of God is life,” then what would it mean to take it back?

“Uh . . .. . hmmmm. . . . . I’ve got it!”

Good. What’s the answer?

“It would mean that if He did so, God would be killing spiritually some of those to whom He previously gave eternal life.”

Sounds strange when you put it out there for what it is, doesn’t it?

“And unbiblical too.”


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