There Are Not Enough Christians

That’s certainly true in one sense.

“What do you mean by ‘in one sense?’”

Well, because Jesus said that all that the Father would give him will come to Him, we know that there will always be all the Christians that there should be.

“That isn’t what I had in mind—besides you are thinking of your Calvinism I see.”

Another name for biblical Christianity. What did you mean?

“What I mean is if we had more Christians we could have a greater influence.”


“There are so many evil things happening in the world that we just don’t have enough believers to combat them all.”

Ah. Now I get your drift. But, frankly, I think that you’re entirely wrong.

“Huh? How’s that?”

Numbers have never meant much to God. He says things like, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much,” you know.

“Well, yeah . . . but . . .”

What do you mean by “but?”

“Just but . . . you know.”

I’m afraid I don’t know. The fact is that there are enough Christians in this world at this moment to turn it upside down if they really meant business for Christ. Look at what God did by means of twelve men! One reason why more isn’t being done is because others have the same idea you do. Since we are in the minority, they think that there’s little hope of accomplishing anything—so they don’t try. They pray for too little and expect less. What we need are “a few good men” as the Marines put it—meaning “righteous men,” as James put it.

“Well, I guess you just told me off!”

And myself. We all need to fully exercise our faith and go forth for the Lord!

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