Christ Is Coming

“Do you really believe that it will happen after waiting all of these years?”

Why shouldn’t I. Those patriarchs waited, together with those who followed them, for millennia until Jesus came the first time. Why shouldn’t I expect to wait for His second coming as well?

“I guess that’s so. But it’s almost like going to the doctor and having to wait long after the time set for the appointment.”

But Jesus’ coming—just as in the first time He appeared—will be exactly according to schedule. It won’t be like the office wait at all.

“Still . . . . . . .”

Do you know what Peter said about the matter?

“Well . . . “

He said that it was mercy and grace that is making the wait take place.

“What? Doesn’t seem so merciful for us to have to sit around waiting for it to happen.”

That’s because you missed Peter’s point. He said God is waiting until all of the elect have been saved. Would you rather have Christ come in your time and some unsaved persons, who have not yet believed, go to hell because He didn’t wait for them to hear the Gospel and believe?

“Ooops! I sure blew it on that one, didn’t I?”

Need I say more?

“Please don’t!”

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