John the Baptist

In Isaiah 40 and Malachi 4 we have prophecies of the coming of John the Baptist. John’s mission was to prepare the road for Jesus Who was coming after him. He did just that. By his preaching this “advance man” chopped down the bumps of pride and filled in the ruts of sinful failure to make His way smooth. In the spirit, power and dress of Elijah, he came to bring this to pass with a message of repentance. His mission was both positive and negative. He proclaimed a Savior Who, like a lamb slain for sinners, would save those who would believe—Jew and Gentile alike. He proclaimed judgment upon those who would not receive Him. He warned of the destruction shortly to come. He urged those who repented to show it by the fruit that it produced in their lives. In all that he said and did, he always pointed away from himself to the Lord. Since all Judea and Jerusalem went into the desert to hear him, he was hugely successful in preparing men for the Lord’s coming. Jesus said he was the greatest of Old Testament prophets—in fact that he was more than a prophet. Jesus called him a lamp shining in a dark place to whom we would do well to take heed.

All of this about John the Baptist. Isn’t it time we all took a closer look at John? Couldn’t preachers learn from his preaching? Couldn’t sinners learn from his message? Couldn’t we all learn from his exaltation of the Savior?

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