NANC, 2009

There has been great recent interest in NANC (The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors) for which I, being one of its founders, have been grateful. Like every organization not funded by any large gifts, but mainly by membership fees, it has only slowly gotten off the ground. But now, ever since the last few years with a zealous new director, it has been moving steadily. This year’s convention was no exception with upwards of 1300 attendees.

NANC is an organization that certifies counselors and training centers. Donn and I are both certified—Donn at the Fellow level, and I at the Academy level. Moreover, our training institute (INS) is certified by NANC. We mention such facts because from time to time people ask about them. Having been involved in the annual conference up until the middle of this past week, it hasn’t been possible to write much for this blog. But Donn is preparing something of a report of what happened, so I want to simply alert you to the fact in case you are interested. You will be hearing from him soon.

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