When Will It Stop?

“When will what stop?”

People complaining about things rather than solving problems.

“Never. Not until the Lord comes.”

I suppose you’re right. But it’s a serious matter, you know?

“Is it? I just thought it was the way sinful human beings act.”

Well, it is that, but why not remove the word “just” from the statement you just made? It sorta’ weakens the force of your point, don’t you think?

“I guess so. But, really, complaining isn’t as serious as many other things—is it?”

Well, perhaps it’s a good bit more serious than most people think.

“How do you get that?”

Right here in I Corinthians 10. Notice, it says that an entire generation of Israelites perished because they complained about how God was treating them. It seems every time He blessed them they still found something more to complain about.

“Wow! I guess complaining is a pretty serious matter after all!”

You’d better believe it.

“But why? What makes it so serious?”

The fact that it is telling God that we know better than He how to run His world. It’s a denial of His good providence.

“But a lot of bad things happen, don’t they?”

Of course. How could they not happen when people complain so much? Those who complain, fail to look at the long term outcomes of what God is doing. True, life’s often tough on the short term. But if you have faith in what He says about how well things will turn out in the future, then you wouldn’t complain.

“I guess not. And I guess it all boils down to one thing.”


“Yes. In the final analysis it’s a matter of whether or not you have faith—as you said.”

Think you put your finger on it!


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