In a Pickle

He’s in a pickle of a situation . . .

“What does that mean? I know that it means he’s in serious trouble—but why pickle?”

It is interesting, isn’t it?

“Sure is; but what’s this “pickle” business all about?”

Actually, it’s pretty simple.

“Yeah? Then tell me about it.”

Well, you see it doesn’t mean that you’re stuffed into the pickle that you pull out of a jar. It once referred to the brine in which the object was preserved.

“And if you were immersed in a barrel of pickle (brine) you’d truly be in trouble! Right?”

Sure seems so. We don’t need that kind of preserving.

“A lot of people are in pickled situations, don’t you think?”

Sure are. That’s why this site exists—to help those who want to rescue persons from pickle. In a sense that’s what counseling is all about.

“Ah! I might have known you had something like that in mind when brought it up.”

Right. But it’s true. Some are up to their necks in pickle. They need help. We are dedicated to helping them get out of trouble with God and their neighbors. Those who are interested in joining in with us should search out the rest of this site.

“Right. And thanks for the explanation.”

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