Be imitators of me as I am of Christ.
                                                  I Cor. 11:1

“Why would Paul say that?”

I assume because he thought that they needed to do so—just as we do today. We all learn by imitation from our earliest to our last days. It’s unavoidable. So, we’d better imitate the right persons.

“Yes, but what I mean is why not simply tell the Corinthians to imitate Christ? How come he puts himself into the picture?”

Well, the passage doesn’t tell us.

“Right. But do you have any idea about it?”

Yes. But, of course, I can’t be absolutely sure.

“What is it?”

There are certain things that we need to know how to do that Christ wouldn’t be the model to imitate.

“What? Not the right person to imitate?”

Let me put it a different way. There are things that we need to learn that we can’t learn from Christ’s example.

“Name one.”

Paul was a sinner, so he needed to repent and confess his sin. Christ offers us no model of confessing His sin since he never sinned!


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