“‘What is it?’ I asked?”

A bobble-head of John Calvin.

[That’s what he told me as I tore open the box. Then I asked again in disbelief, “A what?”]

You heard me. A bobble-head (one that bounces around when you shake it) and the likeness to pictures I have of Calvin is rather good too!.What are you going to do with it?

“I’ll put it up on a top shelf in my library. I don’t have a bust of Calvin anywhere, even though I wrote about the preacher who nearly got beaned with one in one of my Greg Dawson counseling novels. So, it will now serve as my study’s ‘bust.'”

I thought you’d have books piled up to the top shelves.

“I used to. But I got rid of them and put curios in their place.”


“Because I can’t get up on a step-ladder any longer. At eighty I lose my balance if I try. It was sad to see them go. I’ve had to chop my library again!”


“Sure, but when Calvin was in Strassburg he had to sell his library in order to make enough money to eat. So when I look at the bobble-head I feel a little better about my library loss when I remember what he must have gone through.

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