If you had to do it again . . .

What would you do to change your patterns of

  • Church attendance and participation?
  • Bible study methods?
  • Witnessing to your neighbors and family members?
  • Giving to the Lord’s work?
  • Spending your time more profitably?
  • Helping out those In need?
  • Caring for the sick?
  • Counseling those in trouble?
  • Raising your children differently?
  • Spending your money on things that count?
  • Being more careful about your use of time?
  • Considering what you watch on TV, what you read, what movies you see?
  • Giving more consideration to developing the right relationships?

Well . . .

If you look over the list carefully, you’ll probably find at least a couple of items where you could still make changes that would be a blessing to you and your loved ones. It’s not too late. Check it out and . . . if necessary chuck it out. At the same time, if necessary . . . stir it up or start it up, as the case may be!


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