We All Make Mistakes

I guess we all do it from time to time. But it is a problem.

“What are you talking about this time?”

Confusing one person (and/or belief) with another.

“What happened?”

Well, someone on a website has confused my name (Jay E. Adams) with someone else (James E. Adams). With best wishes to James—whom I know, but haven’t seen for ages—I say to all who would tend to do so, “look before you leap.” Take care to be correct. As I’m sure James doesn’t want to have to defend my writings (at times I get tired of doing so myself), so too I don’t want to have to defend his (I’m sure he wants to do that, and not have me do so). So, friends—enemies—neutral persons (as if there could be such), please distinguish the things that differ. Granted that our names are very similar—in fact, if only two initials were used, they would be identical. However, on his booklet, James doesn’t use initials—he uses his name; just as I do on my stuff.

So, read carefully, get it straight, and allow each of us handle comments, bouquets, and attacks on our views on his own. Don’t you agree with this?

“Sure do! I’m certain that James doesn’t want to have to defend what you write!”



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