A Word About Election

The word “elect” occurs often in the Bible. It means what we often call “selection” or “choosing.” That God chose Israel is clear and admitted by all. But that he chose individuals in Israel, like Jacob instead of Esau, isn’t so readily admitted by some.

Yet, they think strangely. If God chose Israel, He also chose individuals. Israel was composed of people—it wasn’t some corporate entity in itself that didn’t involve individuals. And, if you think twice about it, rather than getting upset, you will conclude that He also chose not to elect the Gentiles who were not a part of Israel. The Nations (Gentiles) consisted of people too! So God does choose and choose not to choose individuals.

To choose, always involves not choosing. It makes no difference in the outcome whether you say that individuals who are not chosen are lost because of their own sin, or whether you say individuals are lost because, in His providence, God chose not to give the Gospel to them—even in types and shadows—to remove their sin. Both, being true, end up the same place. God elects some individuals, and chooses not to select other individuals. No, my friend, you can’t get around election. It’s an unavoidable, biblical fact.


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