A Gross Misrepresentation

Well, what we warned against in a previous blog has just happened. We received an irate email from someone who claims that a group representing themselves as “nouthetic” perpetrated all sorts of indignities, such as locking him up, etc. And he was blaming us for it. He had a right to be irate. But we know nothing of the group that he cites in his message, and we certainly don’t engage in any of the practices that he described.

In an earlier blog, as I said, I warned against such possible misuse of the word nouthetic. Not knowing it would “take off” as a movement or as a label, I failed to copyright the term. So, I can’t keep anyone from using it. But, please—please—be careful to check it out before you enter into any sort of counseling that may purport to be nouthetic.

We are not responsible for what may be done under that name. We truly regret it if people have been misinformed and mistreated. If you have any doubts—or questions—about whether counseling is genuinely nouthetic, please take the time to read some of my books to discover whether the proposed counseling is in line with what you read. If there is any doubt, hold off until you are sure.

Thank you for reading these distressing lines, and we trust that you will never be deceived into being led into something as gross as that which was reported. Thank you.


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