Someone said, “Candles are not lit to be looked at; they are lit so that people may look at something else.”

This is true of the Christian as the light of the world. He shines, not so that people may see his good works and praise him, but that by his good works He may cast light upon the Savior Who is the true Light. It is He Who lights everyone who is lighted. Men love darkness rather than light. The only reason why anyone shines at all is because He has removed him from the power and kingdom of darkness into the glorious light of His kingdom.

“But the days are dark, and getting darker,” some Christian says with sad regrets.

Ah, yes, but the purpose of light is to illumine that which cannot otherwise be seen because of the darkness. It is the Christian’s privilege and task to shine in a dark world. Indeed, when the light is needed is in the darkness. In a Christian worship service, where there are many lights, it is not so needed as out in the world of darkness.

And it is in His light we may also see light—the light of the truth and the glory of God. Some day we shall shine in His glorious kingdom as we never before have. And all around us will be light. Yet, even in the splendor of that dazzling place, our Lord Jesus Christ will shine brighter than all.

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