A website worthwhile visiting . . .

I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen it, but it’s worth looking at. On the website, Gairney Bridge, you can look at a video of a modern idol, the editor entitled “Dagon,” actually falling! There is little information about the incident, but one would assume that the incident occurred in a Roman Catholic Church. “Mary” lost her head and her halo! If there are those who think that there’s no idolatry going on in America today, then this is the site to visit. You’ll change your mind.

The futility of idol worship, as it is pictured in the Scriptures is plain. The foolishness of it is exhibited in places where the same man who carves an idol, then takes the wood left over and burns it in order to warm himself (Isaiah 44:15). Then, having finished his work, he bows down to it, as if it were a god. The “Dagon reference in the website presentation is to the Canaanite fish god that the Lord toppled in Old Testament times. It would be interesting to know something of the reason why, in His providence, God again toppled an image of thisĀ  particular church in our day.

There is a great little Japanese poem that exposes the stupidity of idolatry. It goes as follows:

Oh, idol, on the wall
from thy holy nose, indeed,
there hangs . . .
an icicle.

The author could also have mentioned its decoration by the birds who visit it!

God forbade not only the bowing down to idols, but the making of them as well (Exodus 20). And John ends his first Epistle with these last words to Christians:

Dear children, guard yourself from idols.

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