Thanks, but No Thanks

Why do you conceal your email address from the general public?

For the same reason I’m sorry that I gave it to some who are now abusing it.

How is it that some people think that what they are interested in is also of interest to others? How is it that they think, therefore, that they must clutter the in-boxes of others with their daily offerings—clever sayings, poetry, regular blog-like essays, etc.? I’m not questioning the motives of those who write. I’m sure that they have the noblest of intentions. And, now and then, the material they send is very interesting. However . . .

It’s one thing to write blogs—I plead guilty to that fault. It’s another to send all sorts of stuff to people who haven’t asked for it. You can read my blogs or not, as you see fit. The choice is yours. But when material is forced on you by others—we’ll, that’s a different story. There is only so much time in a day; one hardly wants to spend his time opening all sorts of emails that he has little or no interest in reading.

So, my plea is—if it hasn’t been asked for—don’t send it.

In some ways this practice is similar to those who phone at suppertime to try to sell you something or give donations to the sheriff’s department. You want to ask for their home numbers so that you can return the call at their dinnertime.

Oh well, this probably won’t reach the people who ought to read it anyway, so I’ll stop right here.

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