How Far Is It?

When people quarrel it’s not pleasant for anyone. Tempers flare; things are said that are later regretted.

What to do about it?

One thing for sure—Christians ought to be able to seek and receive forgiveness. Forgiveness puts the matter behind all parties concerned. When God forgave you, He says that He put your sins away for good—removed them as far as the East is from the West. You know how far that is?


Well, start going East (or West, for that matter) and how far will you go around this globe before you reach West (or East, as the case may be)?

Right. You won’t reach it. When God removes sin you can’t find it any more than you can find the opposite direction, no matter how often you make the trip.

Now, when you forgive, be sure that you also remove that other person’s sins just as far away. Don’t you bring them up again! They should be removed forever.

Do you have some work to do?

For more on this, and most other aspects of forgiveness, see my book, From Forgiven to Forgiving.

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