Fishing Again

Speaking of fishing . . .

“Who was?”

I was—in a recent blog.

“Oh, yeah. I remember—that new twist thing.”

As I was about to say, speaking of fishing, it’s difficult to determine just which lure, at which place, at what time of day, a certain kind of fish will go after. Fishing is a science.

“Not the way I fish.”

How do you fish?

“With a bobber and a worm on a hook. Works every time—I can just lay back and wait for a Sunny or even a Bass to take it.”

But you’d never do well if you were fishing for a lot of other types of fish.

“I’ll settle for a good old catfish, any day.”

OK. I’ll grant you—that’s one way to go about it. But . . . Oh well, there’s probably no hope in talking to you about fishing . . .

“Sure, go ahead, anyway.”

Well, suppose you’re in Montana, floating a stream, trying to catch some Browns or Rainbows — knowing all of the above mentioned factors is a necessity.


And so, like trying to catch men for Christ, there are plenty of situations where you might catch one with a bobber —or even by a tight line approach—but more likely, if you caught a Brown or Rainbow type, it’s because you snagged him. No, normally, you have to look more carefully into the situation, and—while not compromising the message—take care about how you present it. For instance, compare Paul’s sermons to Jews with his sermon on Mars Hill. Or, notice how those who used fulfilled prophecy in their messages (like Peter), used it with those who purported to believe the Scriptures. You don’t just throw out a line and hope you’ll catch someone, though in God’s good providence, you may. But surely, the Bible provides various sorts of lures and baits, and suggests ways for catching various sorts of fish. . . .

“And we should avail ourselves of them—right?”


“But when I go fishing—for the wet wriggly kind, you understand—I still intend to use the old cane pole!? Don’t need any of those fancy rods and reels – – -”

To each his own! But let’s be sure to go fishing the best way we can when fishing for men.

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