Bridge Building

“I want to be a bridge builder.”

Didn’t know you’re in the construction business.

“I’m not. I mean between people with different views.”

For what purpose?

“To bring them over it to the truth.”

Oh! That’s interesting. I believe in trying to bring people to biblical positions. But why do you need a bridge for that?

“Well, I had in mind the counseling integrationists. Can’t see any other way of doing it.”

Really? What makes you think that’s possible?

“The fact that many of them are Christians.”

Can’t you have a proper relationship to them as brothers and sisters in Christ without building bridges? Isn’t the Gospel already the “bridge” if you want to call it that?

“Sure, but it’s a matter of building bridges with them about our counseling differences.”

Who’s going to cross over the bridge when it’s built?

“Uh . . . I’m not sure. Other Christians, I suppose.”

So you want to make it easier for Christians to find their way to integration land?

“Well, no. That’s not exactly what I have in mind.”

What, then do you have in mind?

“Well, I’m not sure. Being nicer to integrationists, I guess.”

You mean you can’t be nice to them without building a bridge to integrationist land?

“Well, no. . . uh, I mean ‘yes.’ Oh . . . I guess I just don’t know what I mean.”

Better be careful about building bridges until you get it all sorted out, then, don’t you think?

“I suppose so . . “

You see, you can only build a bridge when there is solid ground at each end of the bridge to rest it upon.

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