You Are In a War

“What? Oh, you mean Iraq and Afghanastan.”

No, that’s not the war I had in mind. The one I’m talking about began in the days of Adam and Eve. God declared war on the seed of the serpent.

“Well, I don’t know much about that.”

Back in Genesis 3;15, you can read all about it. God said that the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent would engage in battle. In the end, the prophecy said that, while He was grinding the head of the snake under His foot, it would bite the heel of God’s seed (Jesus).

Now, if you are a Christian, you, too, are part of the seed of the woman. The entire Old Testament may be read as a series of battles between the two seeds leading up to the decisive battle which, of course was on the cross. There Jesus finally overcame the serpent.

“Then, why is the war still being waged?”

There is a mop-up operation going on during which God has also determined to spoil some of the serpent’s goods by taking captive and converting many of his slaves. Until then, the defeated foe, and those who cling to him and his ways, are going down kicking, They wage whatever war they can against the seed of the woman. This will go on until all that God gave His Son are converted.

“I see.”

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