My thanks and gratitude to everyone who has prayed for me these past several weeks and for your thoughtful communications to Sandy and me. I am scheduled for another “stint” in the hospital tomorrow to have one more “stent” installed. It is scheduled to be just a one night stay. I will probably be out of pocket for several more days after that. If you have communicated with us and have not received a reply please know you are not being ignored. I hope to be back at my desk working through the backed up e-mail by July 1.

My cardiologist impressed upon me the great grace of God toward me through all this. He told me that had it not been for the quick and professional work of the paramedics my heart attack would have “taken me out.” Instead, he reports that there was little damage done and all should be well if I behave myself and lose some significant weight.

Other business: have you checked out our podcasts? Dr. Adams current topic is, ironically, how to deal with being hospitalized. We have also recently posted an informal Q & A session with Jay. If you have questions you would like to have Jay address in our next Q & A session let us know. You can now subscribe to our podcasts through our website or via iTunes. Just search on the word “nouthetic” in iTunes and you will find us.

Also, be sure to check out our used book sale. We have obtained a number of used copies of Dr. Adams’ basic counseling books which we are able to sell at a great price.


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