It’s Easy to Forget

All through the ages, God’s people have failed to remember the goodness of God and have complained about the trials that they face at the moment. God redeemed Israel from Egypt, but in a time of trial, they groaned about the manna and wanted to go back to the leeks and garlic of Egypt!

Imagine—preferring garlic over angels’ food (Psalm 78:25)! Did you ever drive through the garlic fields of California? Well, if you haven’t, should you ever do so you’ll know that they’re somewhere ahead of you even before you get to them!

Now, leeks are a different matter. I’ve eaten leek soup in Ireland that was magnificent! But garlic—? In exchange for manna?

No, I don’t know what manna is like; and neither do you. Sure it was white, looked like coriander seed—but when it’s said to be angel’s food, that’s enough for me.

At any rate, we tend to become ungrateful as well as forgetful of God’s past mercies when we face trials. But, consider how God dealt with these complaining Israelites: Christian, read 1 Corinthians 10 again slowly when you have an opportunity. You can’t help getting a whiff of the garlic when you do. If you’re complaining, remember what you’re asking for—“send me back to the garlic fields!”

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