Summer’s Here

So, the kids are out of school—all except those required to take summer school courses.

So, what will your kids do during vacation time?

The older ones may find a job—probably a little tougher this year to do so with the money pinch.

But what of the younger ones? Bible camp? Vacation Bible School? Work around the house doing small chores? Loaf? Get into everyone’s hair saying, “I’m bored?”

Probably you parents who read this will have to make some plans for them—or help them make plans if they are older. But why not sit down and take some time to think through what would be the most profitable thing for them to do spiritually? Think of all the time they have to use—either profitably or otherwise. If you don’t guide them, they may simply fritter away the summer and be none the closer to the Lord when fall comes than now—perhaps even less closer. So, my suggestion is—take enough time to do some planning rather than let “nature (sinful nature) take its course?” 

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