On Occasion . . .

Some Christians look for causes to support. Other than those matters that God requires us to engage in that attitude often is wrong.

“Wrong? Wrong to seek to do good?”

No. No. You misunderstand. Let’s consider a verse:

Don’t quit doing what is fine; at the right time we will reap if we don’t relax our efforts . . .

“See? I was right.”

Let me finish reading:

. . . So, then, as the occasion arises, let us do good for all men, but especially for the members of the household of faith.
                                                               Galatians 6:9, 10

Rather than going about looking for something to do-some cause to back or begin—Paul urges doing good whenever the occasion arises. He means, God will providentially send plenty for you to accomplish. He wants you, like the good Samaritan, to deal with things He puts in your path. Too often it’s easier to deal with “people,” rather than a person. Jesus handled the situations that arose.

“I get it—I think.”

And, what’s more the word for “good” (I translated “fine”) means to do it well; not in some half-baked fashion. Spread your efforts too thinly and you’ll do nothing well.

“Hmmmmm . . . “

And, one more thing: While you may have reason to help anyone; other Christians ought to be first on your list of priorities. Don’t squander your efforts, money, etc. Choose wisely.


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