Weddings! They’re for women!

All of the preparations floor me. How mothers of daughters can handle it I don’t know. One thing, however, I do know, having a grandmother who helps makes a lot of difference. But all the plans—colors, flowers, food—you name it. It’s beyond a mere American male to comprehend.

The bride’s the center of all attention. The groom? Oh, yeah, he’s there to say “I will,” and from then on pay the bill!

But . . .

In Scripture—?

It’s not the bride, but the groom who is the focal point.

He’s the dresser-upper; he’s the one who comes at midnight to claim his bride, with everyone carrying lamps to receive him, and to escort him to her home, etc, etc. Indeed, the Bible likens him to the brightness of the sun as he goes forth from his chamber!

Sound strange to a modern American?

Probably, because we all have a hazy biblical perspective about such things.

You see, God knew that His Son would be the Church’s Bridegroom, so it looks like He arranged the culture to reflect that fact.

Even if our culture fails in this regard, Christian, let’s be sure that we always put the Bridegroom first! Remember that hymn:

The bride eyes not her garment, but her dear bridegroom’s face;
I will not gaze at glory; but on my Prince of grace.

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