This week¬†we¬†cleaned up another year’s sessions of the counseling training program at our church. The program has been growing and students profiting. I wish you could all take part in it so I could get to know you personally. But I know that’s impossible for most of you who read this blog.

However, I am so glad that INS is making that program available to you wherever you are. There isn’t another program of biblical counseling as robust anywhere that I know about. So, I am not hesitant to invite any of you who can’t attend the program at the church when it begins again in the fall to participate in the distance learning program of INS.

I haven’t talked to Donn about it, but perhaps we could have some sort of gathering of our INS graduates some day so we can get to know you. Donn looks at your pictures every day in his office, and that’s the next best thing to meeting you. But if enough of you think that such a gathering (with some additional instruction, I would hope) is feasible, perhaps you and I could persuade him to put something together some day in the not too distant future.

At any rate, it’s a thought you might think and pray about—and, if you have any suggestions or comments, let’s hear from you.

Thanks for reading.


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