The Heat’s On

I don’t mean politics, though that’s the cause of it.

Rather, I’m talking about cutting down on the electric bill by using the whole house attic fan that I had sense enough to have installed years back (one of the few smart things I’ve ever done!).

And it works. Instead of air conditioning this past month (and normally, I’d have had it on) we did without it—without either roasting or frying. I don’t say that it won’t get so hot we’ll have to resort to it at times, but the fan will basically replace the AC. Listen, I believe in moving ahead, not backwards—I’d use AC if finances were better and the government hadn’t made it hard to get by these days. But others did so in the past and I can too.

Nostalgia—I remember the first time I felt air conditioning. Yes, I go back that far!

It was in the May Company department store in downtown Baltimore as a youngster (yes, I once was one of those too!). I could hardly believe it! Now, it’s hard to believe that any store exists without it.

Air conditioning should return, just as decent government should return. But until it does, I’m afraid we’ll do our best to live without it—most of the time.

After all, Jesus and Paul made it OK without it!

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