It’s a great time for those who graduate, their parents and their friends!

Ah yes, what a time it was—but now many years after what meaning does it have? Someone said sitting next to me, “Do you remember anything about your graduation; well, I remember,” and he made a zero with his thumb and forefinger.

Well, I confess, I remember very little myself. I do recall singing a solo; and that’s about all.

‘You a high school soloist?” Back in the Frank Sinatra days I was a crooner!

Now, a croker, I’m afraid.

But those years, formative as they were at the time, hardly had any impact on my future course, as I view it. I wanted to be a cartoonist, to sing in a band, and . . . well, that was about all. Toward the middle of the last year, the Lord got hold of me and saved me. Now that made a difference! It made such an impact that I have never got over it. And I will never graduate from it either!

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